Best Airsoft Brands 2020 Reviewed (For Beginners and Pros)

Finding an airsoft brand can be relatively easy, but finding the best airsoft brands can be very overwhelming. It is essential to know that, while some of these brands are very innovative and reliable, some are just disastrous and are only interested in your money. 

We have decided to conduct thorough research about the most reliable airsoft brands for beginners and anyone willing to have more information. We have the top performance brands of airsoft and the high budget brands of airsoft.

Best Performance Brands of Airsoft 2020

If you are the kind that is strict on the preference of quality over quantity, then this list is purposely made for you. Here, we provide a thorough yet concise review of the best brands of airsoft based on performance. You should expect to see only high-end airsoft products in this category.


Tokyo marui airsoft brand

Tokyo Marui comes firsts on our list, the Japanese company is the pioneer in making the airsoft gun. They were the first creators of the AEG (automatic electric gun) and have also pioneered in designing highly popular pistols, as well as sniper rifles in gas and spring types. Their first gun, a replica of the French FAMAS, was released in 1992, and till today, they still produce the best weapon in the market.

 Tokyo Marui is known to produce guns with the best internal qualities, however, due to the law of their country (Japan), they are limited to a field limit of sub-300 fps, and the use of ABS plastic receivers. This is why their models often have either plastic-and-metal or full metal exteriors, as well as easily-modified gearboxes that can improve performance.

New products from Tokyo Marui are on the pricey side, but they are also made to high manufacturing standards, and even used models are often in excellent condition. Thanks to its combination of high-quality parts and a diverse product line, Tokyo Marui comes in as our top suggestion for performance products.


  • They have access to the most quality internal parts of the guns
  • They are most known as regards making the airsoft guns
  • Quality look and appearance of their weapons
  • They remain the most reliable source for automatic shotgun series and the Recoil Shock electric blowback rifles


  • Their products are mostly pricey
  • Guns are made of polymer, due to Japanese regulations on the use of metal in replica firearms
  • They are limited to a field limit of sub-300 fps; hence, it is low powered compared to others
  • Production is restricted to Japan; thus, one might need to go through the stress and cost of shipping

2. ICS

review ICS airsoft brand

ICS Stands for I Chih Shivan Co., they are a Taiwanese company known for producing airsoft guns with high durability. They are one of the oldest brands and leading innovators of AEGs in the industry. Unlike Tokyo Mauri, their weapons are full-metal bodied, and it comes with a split gearbox design that makes it easy to maintain the gun. The divided gearbox gives room for easy repair and upgrades the upper gearbox can be disconnected from the lower gearbox

The only issue with ICS is that their products are incompatible with other airsoft brands, while this can be a discouragement for some, one should understand that it is their way of making one remain loyal to their brand. ICS’s motto is “high innovation, high efficiency, and high quality,” and they really don’t delve far from that principle.


  • Full metal body
  • Products are of high durability
  • Being long in the business tells that they are very reliable 
  • Easy maintenance (with their split gearbox)


  • It is not so affordable
  • Incompatibility with spare parts from other brands


Classic army

This particular brand is best known for its high-quality AEG, with good internals, impressive performance, and plenty of power. The Hong Kong-based company is mostly placed side-by-side with Tokyo Mauri as they also produce AEG airsoft guns although they manufacture both the ones with metal and the ones with nylon fibre bodies. They make it hard to specify the difference between a real gun and an airsoft gun. Their metal-bodied airsoft gun includes AKs, M4s, MP5s, M16s and many others; with the nylon, fibre bodies include G36s and AUGs.


  • High-quality Internals
  • Study and solid bodies
  • Great AEG airsoft guns


  • low-quality control
  • Products are pricey


G & G airsoft

Here comes another airsoft brand from Taiwan. The G and G are popularly known to produce the best externals and decent internals. Basically, they have two main lines of guns; The combat machine and the top tech gun. Their combat machine is more like a budget AEG while the top tech guns are their high-end guns and are pricier compared to the combat machine. Although a lot of people have criticized the brand based on the longevity of their weapons, you would appreciate the great look they possess. If you can deal with fragile equipment, then I suggest you go with their combat machine.

Either of their two main lines of guns is very good except the fact that they have some great externals but might be no-so-good in their internals compared to other brands. If anyone wants to begin with a G and G airsoft weapon, my best advice would be, start with, their top tech gun as it carries fewer complaints compared to the combat machine.


  • They have both budget and high-priced guns
  • They have one of the best externals in the industry
  • Easy to maintain gearbox
  • Highly accurate and fast


  • It often doesn’t work with other guns’ accessories
  • Internals are not so good
  • They are quite overpriced


A&K airsoft brands

This is the most recommended brand for beginners who are not too worried about price instead are in need of a quality and easy-to-use airsoft products. The company is based in Japan, and they produce airsoft guns with high-quality externals and excellent internals. Their weapons are mostly in all metal-bodied (not all) and are very durable and reliable. Although, some users have complained about their internals too, but it’s still very better compared to G and G. The products are high-powered hence can shoot up to 420FPS out of the box, and their products are mostly shipped with battery, charger, and magazine.

If you are looking for a durable and accurate gun for a reasonably good price, then, any of their rifles, carbines, and various types of machine guns is excellent to start with.


  • High powered gun
  • All-metal gearboxes
  • Great externals 
  • Great reliable and durability


  • Best used as a supporting gun
  • Mostly for entry-level players

6. G & P

G & P

G & P or G&P Industrial Co. Limited is yet another airsoft brand from Hong Kong that focuses on the Production of original military equipment as well as a war-game product such as airsoft. Their products are a replica of a real arm and have one of the best looks and feel in the industry of airsoft. Both internals and externals are great. Their collection is, however, not only limited to AEG, but they also produce GBB (gas blowback) devices too – including shotguns. This gives room for a wide variety of options for anyone willing to go for the G & P airsoft brands. 


  • Quality replica of a real gun
  • Great externals and quality internals
  • They are experienced in creating real arms
  • Great look and feel


  • Gearboxes are not perfect enough



This is mostly regarded as the Ferrari of airsoft brands. The Systema Professional Training Weapons are very close to real guns, and they are high-end products at high prices. Although they are mostly built for military and law enforcement agencies, you can always add one to your collection of airsoft as well. They are well made to the extent that some of their accessories can even be used by a real gun. They offer different FPS cylinders that put out around 300fps, and up to 500fps. Although their speciality is with MAX and SUPERMAX designs still, they make some great M90 models. The exciting thing is that Systema also offers challenge kits, for players who want to save some money. The packages require some tools and assembly skills, though.

Systema airsoft guns can be a bit non-beneficial to airsoft players with its 30-round magazine as it is not an element of the game to be on a pellet restriction unless you are playing a sniper role.


  • Products are compelling compared to others
  • Extremely real gun look-alike
  • Guns are used in practical military training
  • Challenge kits


  • Really expensive for it is a high-end weapon
  • A 30-round magazine is not beneficial to airsoft players

Best Budget Brands of Airsoft

These are generally not as good as the performance brands of airsoft, but to an extent, their product can do everything the other brands do. They are mostly recommended for beginners or anyone interest in getting an airsoft weapon at low prices. We have also written a complete guide for the best cheap airsoft guns for you.


CYMA airsoft gun

Are you looking for a replica of high-end brands’ products? Then CYMA is your answer. They are a Chinese based company focusing on making look-alike copies of products from the likes of Tokyo Marui, ICS, etc., the product might guarantee somewhat the same performance like the high-end brands but definitely doesn’t ensure durability in any case. CYMA usually mixes metal parts into a plastic body, the metal part offers durability in critical areas, while plastic keeps the weight down and makes the guns more comfortable to use. 

They offer products in the AK line, and they also produce M14s, M4s and M5s; they also have AEGs with a full metal body (for anyone looking for something more advanced). Prices are a lot cheaper compared to that of high-end manufacturers but products of lesser qualities. But, still, it remains one of the most recommended for beginners who are not on a big budget.


  • Products are equipped and ready to use
  • Cheap products 
  • Accessories are widely available
  • They also feature AEG with full metal body


  • Products are very durable


Cyber gun airsoft brands

Cybergun is a France based company which mainly focus is on repacking and licensing of products made by other AEG manufacturers. They barely make their own guns, but they have a licensing agreement with many manufacturers in the industry. For example, their Cybergun Desert Eagle is made by KWC while their SCARs are made by VFC. The quality of any of their product depends on the effort put in by the original manufacturer. However, they ensure effective quality control is maintained in all their products.

Their weapons are a replica of real steel firearms, although most of them are made of ABS plastic the overall quality is still good. They also provide some exciting accessories, including targets and optics on their list of products, which are very significant for beginners and can allow them to improve their game. 


  • Products are affordable
  • Great for beginners 
  • Wide range of models and accessories


  • Durability is not guaranteed
  • Products are of lesser quality to high-end products


Jing gong cheap airsoft

The Jing Gong brand (also known as JG, Golden Bow and Echo1) is owned by Fujian Fuxing Industry Paintball Marker Co. Ltd. They are and are a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of airsoft guns or AEG in the mid to low-price range. The JG weapons are usually TM (Tokyo Marui) compatible as most of their products are just low-priced duplicates of the higher quality airsoft guns produced by Tokyo Marui. JG focuses more on making the internal components of the guns more durable by adding extra parts such as metal gears and gearboxes. They are a very reliable brand, and their products are always natural to upgrade. 


  • Good for beginners 
  • They perform very well out of the box
  • They can be easily upgraded


  • Not extremely high quality


lancer tactical budget airsoft brand

Lancer Tactical, an airsoft company, established in 2012 to bring affordable, budget-friendly products to the sport of airsoft. Their products consist of quality automatic electric guns (AEGs), which vary from polymer construction to full metal construction. Lancer technical is although part of our budget airsoft guns brands but is relatively a bit pricier. Their weapons are ideal, especially for anyone looking to get a more advanced gun rather than entry-level. They are a high-end budget brand based out of California. 

They offer a line of rifles with licenses such as the Bolt Action Springs, the Heavy Machines Guns; they also some good weapons like AKs, and M4 just like CYMA (although not as good and CYMA’s), as well as a complete selection of tactical and protective gear that come with the package. Among their best to watch out for is the Multi-Mission Carbine Blowback model which looks very close to real firearms, this weapon shoots 6mm pellets with beautiful accuracy at up to 200 feet. Lancer tactical although might be a bit pricey but it remains our ideal high-end budget gun 


  • High-end budget guns
  • The polymer as well as full metal bodied weapons
  • Quality internals and externals
  • Great speed and durability


  • A bit pricier than most budget brands

5. UK ARMs

uk arms airsoft brand

They produce the cheapest airsoft weapons, especially pistols. Most of their guns sell on the average price of $10, and they are mostly spring-based (no battery no charger). If you are looking to start your airsoft journey with a low-end weapon, then I suggest you go for Ukarms products. Although the guns are very accurate and fast, many users, have complained that they do not last for long before they break. 

Ukarms’ weapons are suitable for beginners or anyone looking to test their shooting ability; but not ideal for anyone participating in an airsoft game.


  • Extremely very cheap
  • Good for beginners


  • It’s not durable
  • Not ideal for a game

6. AGM

AGM airsoft gun

The Airsoft Gun Manufacturer is a Chinese manufacturer that tend be at the line between budget and high-end since their offer also includes full-metal AEGs with impressive performance, bolt action sniper rifles that are surprisingly powerful, shotguns, and rifles.

Unfortunately, some of their products aren’t built to endure serious gameplay. Their M180C2 shotgun, for example, is especially recommended more for casual backyard play than for anything resembling field use. If you’re looking for something different, AGM is a safe bet, but be aware of each item’s intended purpose


  • Weapons with unique designs
  • Full metal weapons
  • Varieties of offers
  • Affordable prices


  • Not all products are of good quality
  • Quite unreliable so you should research first

7. Umarex

umarex airsoft

Here comes our first German manufacturer on the list. They offer a wide range of airsoft guns starting with spring rifles to AEGs and gas-powered weapons. Their Airsoft guns span from budget to high performance in terms of price – their pistols and uzis tend to be budget-friendly while their more massive guns can cost up to $700. Just like Cubergun, they are focused on using real steel logos and trademarks, and many of their weapons are designed to be a replica of some popular manufacturers like Beretta, Colt, KH, Smith & Wesson, and Walther

Umarex also has a subsidiary in the USA “The Umarex USA” that sells their locally made product which means the cost and time involved in shipping are out of it -plus, you can always get in touch with them quickly.


  • Easily accessible for US resident
  • Wide range of products
  • Good-looking licenses


  • They are not very durable

8. APS

APS airsoft

The APS Limited is a budget manufacturer that we would instead recommend for beginners, especially their lower-end plastic versions of weapons and their AKs. They are definitely not ideal for a game. Their higher-end M4s, however, have been well received, and their accessories are also worth considering as they are built with more specification that their guns.

 APS is best when you are limited to cheap backup guns or experimenting with different styles. Anyone of a meagre budget can also consider APS airsoft guns.


  • They are very affordable
  • Accessories are great
  • Their M4s are an excellent product for budget


  • Not ideal for an airsoft game
  • Their lower-end versions are AKs are just too ridiculous


Having made an effort listing the best airsoft brands while considering not only the price but also performance. For anyone just getting into the airsoft game, I will suggest they start with the budget brands to improve their skills and target practice. The budget brands also offer some high-end products, although not as strong as the performance brands’ but are an excellent way to experience the feel of the performance brands.

However, for anyone really passionate about the airsoft game and would prefer quality over quantity, then, the performance brands are highly recommended for them.

What makes a Good Airsoft Brand?

Every customer’s dream is to get at least an equal value to the price they pay to acquire a product. In my honest opinion, I believe the following qualities make an excellent airsoft brand:

Priority on Quality over Quantity

 It is fascinating to obtain an airsoft product from a brand that offers it half the price other brands are offering the same product with the same features. But the problem lies in the quality of such a product. For a company to be considered “good,” its product has to be of good quality. If a gun starts to lose colour, cracks in half breaks or fall apart, then such a product is not worth the price after all. It is not how cheap that matters but how valuable the product is, especially compared to the price paid for it -and durability is the primary concern in this aspect. 

Price Affordability

While it may seem that this has been criticized in my first point, one should not forget that a brand can decide to hike-up their products’ prices in a bid to leverage on their recognition or to cover the cost or their overly unnecessary advertisement. A good brand of airsoft can also offer affordable products yet with good quality.  

 Products Uniqueness

A good airsoft company would set itself apart in producing products that are not only unique but also add new variety to the airsoft sport. While airsoft games will always be filled with M4s and 1911s, many of the best companies make active innovative and competing for efforts to set themselves apart by offering unique and exotic products at ranges of the price that average customers can afford. This mainly has been one of the significant reasons the sport has remained fun-filled and progressing.

Good Customer Support

As we reviewed the best airsoft brands, we ensured we looked into their customer supports. The importance of existing and quality customer support in every brand or company cannot be over-emphasized. It might happen a gun does not arrive in good condition, probably a gear strips or a motor burns out inside the gun, in this case, the manufacturer or seller is required to replace the product, and solve the problem. Another important aspect of this is when the manufacturer reaches out to its customers for feedback.