Best Airsoft Goggles – Review of The Top Airsoft Goggles of 2020

Preserving eyesight is imperative because the eyes are one of the most valuable human body parts. It is why we’ve put up a list of the top six airsoft goggles of 2020. These goggles, when compared to glasses and other eyewear, give the eyes a full protective cover from random shots or any shooting injury. Here’s a list of the six best airsoft goggles in the market;

Top 6 Best Airsoft Googles of 2020

1. Pyramex I-FS Anti-fog goggles

#1 Best airsoft goggles

The Pyramex is one of the most stylish airsoft goggles in the market. It has a very light feel that makes it quite handy. Besides, no one likes bulky eyewear. Perhaps the most exciting feature the Pyramex I-FS possesses is its anti-fog tenacity. If you are familiar with eyewear, you’d realize how foggy it can quickly get. The double lens of the Pyramex I-FS has made this possible. One might not have the luxury of cleaning during a shoot-out, and this is why it ranks as our top airsoft goggle. Humid weather messing with your vision will no longer be a source of concern to you. 

The downside of this anti-fog googles is that its lightweight makes it hard to wear over recommended glasses. However, if you wear a contact lens, this doesn’t count as a disadvantage for you.

The Pyramex I-FS has a cool convertible feature that can transform your goggles into regular safety glasses. So it isn’t just limited to shoot-outs or shooting range, but it could be an excellent choice for wood lumbering and other risky jobs. It has a good number of lens tint that are UV ray resistant. It means that they can even serve as sunglasses if the need arises. How cool is that? Aside from this, it has an anti-scratch feature and a high resistance to cracks and breaks. It means that if maintained properly, your goggles will last for a long time.

Pros of the Pyramex I-FS Anti-fog Goggles

  • It is a light eyewear so it won’t feel heavy around the eyes
  • It has an anti-fog feature along with four tinted lenses that are resistant to the sun UV rays.
  • It is a quite versatile eyewear that could be converted to goggles and safety glasses.
  • Polycarbonate lens that makes it scratch and cracks resistant

Cons of the Pyramex I-FS Anti-fog Goggles

  • Too small to be worn over recommended glasses
  • The lens might be a little hard to change.

2. The Lancer Tactical CA-221B

#2 Best airsoft goggles

Goggles with three interchangeable lenses shatterproof features, and one that comes with a foam padding to give comfort to the eyes are why the Lancer Tactical comes second on the list. It is a quality eyewear you can get if you are on the budget. Like the Pyramex, it comes with a polycarbonate lens and a thermoplastic frame that also makes it anti-scratch eyewear. The foam padding covers all parts of the structure, thereby making it very protective. The eyes are safe from dust and particles when using the Lancer Tactical. The frame has a couple of holes made for ventilation. It means that it also has the anti-fog properties that the Pyramex possesses.

Although the Lancer Tactical might turn out to be a little heavy, it makes up for this set back by allowing Airsoft Goggles over recommended glasses. It is also a perfect fit if you are looking for something that goes with your helmet. Another downside is that they don’t come as military recommended, and so, it is strictly an airsoft goggle. However, these goggles not being military-grade doesn’t mean they aren’t resistant to shootings. They are great for both outdoor and indoor sports.

Pros of the Lancer Tactical CA-221B

  • It has a polycarbonate lens that makes it anti-fog
  • An all-round ventilation system
  • It comes with a frame covered with padded foam and made of thermoplastic which makes it a durable eyewear
  • They offer complete eye protection
  • Comes with a kit and is very adjustable
  • It is budget-friendly

Cons of the Lancer Tactical CA-221B

  • It’s quite heavy and can be tiring to wear over a long time.
  • The ventilation holes might need to be expanded before use to create an enjoyable ventilation system.

3. Valken Zulu Goggles

#3 Best airsoft goggles

Just like every other tactical goggle, the Valken Zulu offers all-round eye coverage. It includes protection from every speck of dust, and 180 degrees view, making it the best goggles for airsoft snipers. It is a budget-friendly goggle that is also convertible to safety glasses. The frame consists of a polymer material, and it comes with three different lenses. Now each of these lenses comes in two layers and is made of polycarbonate. Countless shots and use will not break these goggles. The two-layered lens might give the impression of the Zulu as a bulky goggle. However, it is surprisingly light, which makes it easy to wear over a long period.

These goggles are ANSI certified, which means they are highly durable. Although they cannot be worn over recommended glasses, the Zulu comes in a size that fits every face. It comes in a strap that is adjustable to any size you need it to be. The best part of this goggles is that they are equally anti-fog. It is advisable to use an anti-fog spray, especially when going out into very high humidity.

Pros of the Valken Zulu Goggles

  • It comes in two-layered and three different polycarbonate lenses
  • The frame is made of polymer
  • They are ANSI certified which means they are highly durable
  • It comes in an adjustable strap
  • They are anti-fog goggles

Cons of the Valken Zulu Goggles

  • They might need anti-fog spray during high humidity

4. XAegis Airsoft Goggles

#4 Best airsoft goggles

Unlike other goggles that use fans or creates a lens to help push the anti-fog feature, the XAegis stands out because it has a unique method. These goggles have an anti-fog coating around its glass. This makes them highly useful in humid conditions when compared to their counterparts. The lenses are created with polycarbonate. So they are durable and also have this resistance to harsh UV rays. Three different colors of an interchangeable lens are what these goggles come in. Aside from all this, the frame has a unique feature because it is bendable. It is also created with thermoplastic polyurethane.

Although they aren’t ANSI certified, they are relatively durable and affordable. They are the best bet for outdoor sports like hunting or paintball. Wearing them over glasses is another unique advantage of these googles.

Pros of the XAegis Airsoft Goggles

  • They are the best high humidity (anti-fog) goggles
  • It is resistant to cracks because of its polycarbonate lens
  • It has three interchangeable colored lenses which protect the eyes from UV rays
  • They are budget-friendly
  • It comes with a bendable frame

Cons of the XAegis Airsoft Goggles

  • They cannot be worn over recommended glasses
  • It is not a one size fits all goggle.

5. H-World Fan Goggles

#5 Best airsoft goggles

The H-world fan Airsoft Goggles makes this list because of its amazing inbuilt fanning system. These goggles have an actual fan placed on top of the frame. The most fantastic element of this feature is that this little fan makes no single sound, so you don’t even know when it’s on. It works by using two AA batteries and a button on the head strap.  The downside of these goggles is that they require wearing headgear because of the location of the battery compartment. Also, in as much as wearing them over recommended glasses is viable, the lenses in question have to be small or come in a tiny frame.

Aside from this, they are affordable goggles that function correctly with night vision systems. Although they are not ANSI certified, the lenses are made of high polycarbonate, which makes it very durable and resistant to cracks or scratches.

Pros of the H-World fan Goggles

  • It has a miniature fan on the frame
  • It is functions with two AA batteries
  • The fan is so quiet; you’d never notice it was on.
  • Comes with two high polycarbonate lenses which makes it highly durable
  • Works well with night vision systems
  • Affordable and easy to use

Cons of the H-World fan Goggles

  • Cannot be worn over recommended glasses unless the glasses have a small frame
  • It is not ANSI recommended

6. Fit Over Anti-Fog Goggles

#6 Best airsoft goggles

The Fit Over Anti-Fog Goggles, also referred to as Over The Goggles (OTG), is the best goggles you can go for if you wear recommended glasses. These goggles fit over them entirely. They also offer all-round eye protection because they come adequately sealed. It means they are the best goggles for swimming.  Although these goggles are a little bulky, it is comfortable to wear over a long period. The lenses are made of light polycarbonate so they need to be taken care of because they are susceptible to cracks under severe pressure. The lenses are also UV ray resistant.

Now, as the name implies, they are anti-fog. The downside to this is that they will, in fact, fog over time. However, using an anti-fog spray will be helpful, and if consistent, you will not experience the fogging over time. These goggles come with a very adjustable head strap around the frame.

Pros of the Fit-Over Anti-Fog Goggles

  • Wearing over recommended glasses is an option
  • It comes sealed tight, so water, dust particles, and air cannot penetrate
  • The frame is created with thermoplastic polyurethane
  • It has an adjustable head strap
  • They are comfortable to wear over a stretched period
  • The lens are UV Ray resistant.

Cons of the Fit-Over Anti-Fog Goggles

  • Without an anti-fog spray, they will fog over time.
  • They are not ANSI rated.

How to Get the Best Airsoft Goggles

As a newbie in the market, you will need a guide to help pick the right fit for you. Also, no matter how well experienced you are with using your old pair of goggles, there are some things you should still take note of before getting a new pair. The first of which is how safe your goggles will be.

Taking into consideration what type of sport you do, whether outdoor or indoor, you need a pair of goggles that will make you feel safe. It means going for highly durable airsoft goggles, and the best way to do this is by getting an ANSI rated pair. Goggles certified by the ANSI have been used and evaluated thoroughly. These goggles are usually anti-fog and comfy too. It leads us to the next point.

How comfortable are your goggles? You do not want to buy a pair of goggles that will turn out to be a nuisance. You need a pair that will be adequately ventilated and comfortable to wear. It is why we listed goggles that don’t fog, or they take a long period before they eventually do. There is nothing more annoying than wearing a pair of goggles that leave you handicapped.

If you wear prescription glasses, you have to ensure that you opt for goggles that’ll fit over them entirely. This way, you get to see as clearly as you would while wearing your safety airsoft goggles.

Another thing to observe is your budget. Although there are very expensive goggles in the market, the list above is culled from both quality and budget-friendly goggles. Although your pocket might push you to get goggles made of cheap plastic that is nowhere near durable, it is essential to note that there is no high price to pay for the safety of your eyes. So take your time to invest in quality airsoft goggles.


In summary, finding the perfect eyewear will take a lot of consideration and option weighing. However, whatever pair of goggles you end up choosing should be durable, comfortable, and very safe to use. Remember that the primary reason for getting a couple of airsoft goggles is to offer protection to the eyes during airsoft games or outdoor activities.