Best Airsoft Guns of 2020 – Buying Guides and Reviews

Interested in getting a new airsoft gun? We know how saturated the market is with guns and how finding the right one for you might be difficult. We will be diving into the best airsoft guns currently in the market. After the walkthrough these recommended guns, there’ll be a brief insight into things you should consider before making a decision and some key terms you should be conversant with as a gun owner. Some of the best airsoft guns of 2020 we will be reviewing include; The HK 416, the EVO 3 BET carbine, SCATTERGUN TSS, GLOCK GUN 4 G17, ARP9 Carbine, DESERT EAGLE GBB Pistol, KRYSTAL KRISS VECTOR, and The COLT M4A1 13” KEYMOD.

The Eight (8) Best Airsoft Guns of 2020

1. ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 B.E.T.

#1 best airsoft guns

As an ASG Scorpion brand, the EVO3 is as lengthy as the M4, and although it isn’t a new model, it has some new badass upgrade. Some of these upgrades include an MLOK handgrip. Now the EVO is also an AEG with utter metal parts that make it a big fit. With an FPS of 425, it makes an accurate shot of over 50 meters. It also has an automated detection that alerts you if the firearm has a problem with its internal parts. Another fine upgrade about this AEG is that it is ambidextrous, so you don’t have to worry about being left-handed when using it.

Now it has a long barrel, but if you’d like to configure that, you could switch it with a standard one. That’s not the only thing you can customize on this Airsoft gun; you can set the spring to be either strong or weak and replace the battery with a bigger one.

Finally, the magazine round is a mid-cap. It loosely translates to having just 75 rounds. But it gives room for a high-cap. It means you can attach a 375 round magazine in it. How cool is that? Also, the trigger stops working when you exhaust your BBs.

Pros of the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 B.E.T.

  • It is a powerful AEG with an FPS of 425
  • Metal parts that make it durable
  • It can be configured
  • You can switch to a high-cap magazine
  • It can accommodate a different battery
  • A detector for any internal malfunction
  • It is an Ambidextrous gun
  • Trigger failure once BBs are exhausted

Cons of the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 B.E.T.

  • It can be a heavy gun for new users

2. VFC H&K 416A5

#2 best airsoft gun

Popularly referred to as the HK 416, this AEG with an FPS of over 390, it is no doubt a powerful gun. From the unboxing stage, you can already have a feel of how heavy it is. It is because of its metallic body composition and the solid body build. It is easy to change the spring during a fire plus, it holds a 320 round magazine. This gun doesn’t come with its battery.

The HK 416 has both semi and full automatic safety. It makes this a good gun for beginners and expert users. Although the trigger guard is a little hard, it makes up with its accuracy and 300mm barrel. After several test runs, the manufacturers branded this gun as a very standard one.

Pros of the VFC H&K 416A5

  • Very strong AEG with an FPS of over 390
  • Complete metallic body
  • 320 round magazine and a 300mm inner barrel
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Aluminum receiver

Cons of the VFC H&K 416A5

  • Doesn’t come with a battery
  • The trigger guard is a little hard


#3 best airsoft gun

This shotgun makes it to the list because of how strong it is. Now, this gun isn’t a weapon for beginners because of how much damage it can bring. The SCATTERGUN, as the name implies, is literal. It makes an excellent gun when you’re covering a partner. This shotgun has three barrels that can be all fired at once. With an FPS of 330, it has a mode that can spread fire and wreak havoc. It doesn’t stop there but goes ahead to have 28 BB shells in it.

Design-wise, the TSS shotgun is made of complete metal while the pump consists of plastic. Unlike the other guns we’ve reviewed so far, this is a green gas gun.  It makes the firing sound different in an enjoyable way. It comes with 3-6 selection for when you want to fire with an adjustable stock. The only downside to it is that the hop-up isn’t adjustable.


  • It is a powerful gun with an FPS of 330
  • It has 28 BB shotgun Shells
  • It is an excellent gun to hold or cover a partner
  • It is a green gas gun
  • It comprises of a metallic body that gives it a nice feel
  • Has a 3-6 firing option feature
  • It comes with a stock that can be adjusted


  • Hop-up cannot be adjusted

4. GLOCK GEN 4 G17

#4 best airsoft gun

Fully licensed, this is one of the powerful metallic versions. It has a semi-automatic feature and a very excellent grip on it. The military widely patronizes the steel version of this because of how powerful and efficient it is. It has a nice blowback and an FPS of 300. One of the most valued advantages of this Airsoft gun is that it has a hop-up that can be adjusted. It can also be customized to accommodate accessories. Finally, it is possible to add extra magazines to it.

Pros of the GLOCK GEN 4 G17

  • It has metal parts which give it a solid look and feel
  • Has an FPS of 300
  • An adjustable hop-up
  • Great blowback
  • Can be accessorized
  • Simple design

Cons of GLOCK GEN 4 G17

  • Getting additional magazines are costly

5. The G&G ARP9 Carbine

#5 best airsoft gun

The ARP9 comes with some unique adjustments that aren’t common with other airsoft guns. For instance, it is a powerful yet compact gun. It has an excellent grip that makes it great for both beginners and experienced airsoft gun users alike. Unlike other firearms, it is lightweight, and it has a stock that is adjustable to any of the six available options on the gun.

Moving away from the design, the ARP9 Carbine has a metal gearbox. It is where it got the name G&G. Aside from having a reliable gearbox, this gun allows you to work on it. Another exciting feature is that the Carbine allows extra battery. It means that you can switch batteries once one runs down. It has an FPS of 330 and comes with an adjustable hop-up.  The best part of this airsoft gun is its high-cap magazine that gives you an edge over other airsoft users.

Pros of the G&G ARP9 Carbine

  • It is quite compact and equally lightweight
  • It has a high-caps magazine
  • It’s hop-up isn’t fixed
  • G&G solid gearbox
  • It has a replaceable battery

Cons of the G&G ARP9 Carbine

  • The compact size might not be great for all areas

6. DESERT Eagle GBB Pistol

#6 best airsoft gun

A desert eagle is every sportsman dream and its why it makes our list. This pistol doesn’t just look big. It is the biggest handgun in the market. Entirely made of steel, this gun is completely mind-blowing. Created by the famous brand Magnum Research, the desert eagle runs on CO2. And if you are thinking it, yes. It was the gun from the Matrix. The airsoft version was created using metal. It has a high recoil that leaves you with the sound of a real weapon. Now, although it is quite bulky, this completes the whole badass design. A firm grip will also keep everything in place.

The desert eagle handgun carries a magazine that holds 21 rounds; also, it has hop-up units that don’t come fixed. It has iron sights that will help the shooter aim, and with a firing FPS of 390, you know this gun is as powerful as it looks.

Pros of the DESERT Eagle GBB Pistol

  • CO2 fuels it
  • It has a 21-round magazine
  • It has a high velocity with an FPS of 390
  • It has excellent recoil
  • Impressive over-all design
  • Very realistic look when disassembled

Cons of the DESERT Eagle GBB Pistol

  • It emits a loud sound
  • It is quite heavy and not recommended for beginners
  • The eagle consumes a lot of gas
  • The adjustable hop-up is hard to find.


#6 best airsoft gun

It is a Generation II of this gun, which means that it is higher than a GBB. This model is the upgraded and configured version that makes it better and more efficient. Some of the inclusive updates here include the folding stock and other impressive designs. It has Iron sights that help with the perfect aim both in front and behind. It is an excellent fit if you are left-handed because the fire is ambidextrous. The gun supports a battery, but it shouldn’t be longer than 116mm.

When it comes to firing, this gun comes in three selections, which are semi-automatic, full-automatic, and two-rounds. The trigger responds quickly, and the hop-up, when adjusted, gives a sound that lets you know when it has changed. This way, you settle for the perfect adjustment for you. Still, on fire, the KRISS VECTOR fires at an FPS of 350. With a barrel of 155mm long, its shots are very accurate. You can switch springs because it has a swift style of changing, and its magazine has 95 rounds. This mid-cap magazine comes in twos for each gun.

This gun can be used under any weather condition because it is very durable.


  • Has iron sights for both the front and rear
  • It is ambidextrous and durable
  • It comes with three firing modes
  • Adjustable and easy to reach hop-up
  • It has an FPS of 350
  • 155mm long barrel that gives it accurate shots
  • It is effortless to switch springs
  • It comes with two mid-cap magazines
  • Can be upgraded with suppressors
  • It has an overall badass design


  • It cannot accommodate 117mm and above batteries
  • It is quite expensive

8. The COLT M4A1 13” KEYMOD

#7 best airsoft gun

It is one of the finest CQB rifles in the market because of its adjustable hop-ups and accessible spare parts. It, in turn, makes it a gun that is very easy to configure. COLT licensed this rifle, which accounts for its impressive design. Also, it has a fantastic rail system along with perfect iron sights that improve aim. As a very light gun, surprisingly, its parts are complete metal and durable ABS Plastic. When it comes to function, the M4A1 has a collapsible stock and High-caps magazine of 350BBs, which is very helpful in precise shots. It has an FPS of 350, and it comes with two firing options. These are both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes. Overall, the M4A1 is a very light gun that has to die for features.

Pros of the COLT M4A1 13” KEYMOD

  • It is easy and has accessible spare parts
  • It has adjustable hop-ups
  • Impressive design licensed by COLT
  • Has a fantastic rail system that can accommodate many accessories
  • Metal and durable ABS plastic are the materials used in production
  • It has an FPS of 350
  • High-Caps magazine of 350BBs
  • Lightweight and pleasant feel to the hands
  • Has two firing options

Cons of the COLT M4A1 13″ KEYMOD

  • The battery butt plate might be hard to take out.

Factors to consider in Selecting The Best Airsoft Guns

Type of Airsoft Guns

The first step is knowing what kind of Airsoft gun you want to buy. By that, I mean, what powers it? There are three types of guns when categorized by the source of their power function. There’s the AEG, which means Automatic Electric Gun. These types of firearms require batteries that must be recharged and replaced over time. They are excellent when it comes to range and variety of fire. The second type is the gas-powered gun popularly referred to as (CO2). Now, these guns recoil and have containers that should be filled with green gas. They can be tricky to use under cold conditions. They are the guns that have what is known as blowback action.

Finally, we have the spring-powered guns. They are the most common and affordable in the market. These guns need to be manually reset once BBs are exhausted. They are the best type of weapons for beginners. After selecting what type of gun you think works for you, the next thing to consider is your budget.


In the market, there are different guns for different prices. If you are looking for very cheap guns, the truth is you will find. However, the question is, how quality will those guns be? The firearms reviewed above are from some of the highest quality there is in the market. It is why the prices are from $150 above. Getting a durable gun might be expensive at the beginning, but over time your money’s worth will surpass the initial hesitation.  You don’t want a weapon that will fall to pieces after a few shots.

Exterior makeup

If you’ve gone through reviews from manufacturers, you’d hear how quality airsoft firearms are because of its metal body, trigger, safety, amongst other parts. It is true because metal doesn’t wear and tear over time. It also gives the gun a bulky feel, which can be badass. It, however, doesn’t mean that only metal guns are quality. Getting a gun made of ABS Plastic can be better sometimes. It may be because they make the gun feel lighter, which is excellent for beginners using airsoft. So don’t be restricted to strictly metal guns. If what you can afford is to get a gun made of durable ABS plastic, it will also serve you well.

Speed and Accuracy

FPS is an acronym for feet per second. It shows the rate of your airsoft. In some games, there are FPS restrictions so as not to cause severe injuries to your opponent. Your FPS determines how fast you can shoot, which further translates to how quickly you can hit.

The speed accuracy of a gun is not only connected to its FPS but a lot of other factors too. For instance, will it be a long or short-range? How’s the wind like that moment? The farther a target is, the lower the chances of an accurate shot. It is why sights are essential. Checking them helps improve your accuracy on the field. Hop-up is also very important because once it is adjustable, it gives your BB a straight travel, further making your shot accurate.

Your gun’s FPS, Hop-up and Iron-sights don’t count if you have a terrible aim. It is why practice surpasses all accuracy tendencies a gun might have.


The BBs are projectiles in airsoft guns. Usually, they are round, 6mm in diameter, and they are sold in sets of hundred or more. Now, there are various types of BBs in the market, but the thing is they are all the same size. So you might wonder, what is the difference? The difference is in their weight. Ordinarily, there will be lighter, cheaper BBs that may seem like a good offer. The smallest so far weighs about 0.12 grams. The thing with using light BBs is that they are susceptible to the wind. Also, they don’t go as far as regular BBs, which makes them a terrible choice. They are, however, handy when practicing or training.

If you are into something more severe like hunting, its best to go for higher BBs, the standard BBs in the market right now is between 0.20 and 0.25. It is because they travel fast and stick to the aim. There are BBs higher than that too. Making the right choice of BBs all depends on what type of gun you have. The task is usually weighed on the producers who know what kind of BBs to recommend.

Position in Airsoft

The type of gun to buy depends on many factors, especially on what your role is in the airsoft sport or team. For instance, you can’t buy a sniper’s rifle when your position is a support gunner. Knowing your purpose tells you what type of airsoft to purchase. Magazine rounds are an essential component when choosing airsoft. Your part also influences that. As a sniper, you don’t need to spray a lot of bullets because your work is all about precision. However, if you work as a CQB, you will need a magazine with many rounds and ammunition.


Guns can be an extension of our bodies, and that’s why the market is filled with accessories to help upgrade or customize a weapon. These accessories range from silencers to laser pointers. It’s entirely left to you, the owner, to decide on what you want your gun to feel and look. As a beginner, having a pointer and a scope are the best accessories you can get. Now not all airsoft guns can accommodate accessories. So if you have plans on upgrading your gun, lookout for rails on them. They are usually located at the top and bottom of the gun. Having an excellent rail system translates to having room for so many cool accessories.


We have been able to review some of the best airsoft guns in 2020. This list is gotten from the most quality and relatively affordable firearms available in the Airsoft market. We hope that it has been a beneficial list. There are a lot of brands out there, so it is the reason we couldn’t recommend the best brand of airsoft in this review. We, however, gave out a few things you should analyze before purchasing the airsoft gun. We started by giving a brief insight into the types of airsoft guns in the market, then strayed to the exterior makeup, the rail system, your position on the team, the FPS, accuracy, BBs, and of course, a budget. Hopefully, you find the gun that matches everything you seek.