Best Airsoft Masks – Best Guide for Face Protection in the Airsoft Game

Airsoft masks not only give a badass look to whoever wears them, but they equally protect the face during airsoft sports. Airsoft guns actually hurt, and we all know how dangerous they can be, especially to the face area. It is why getting an airsoft mask is imperative. Picking the right airsoft mask for you might seem challenging at the moment. The market is saturated with different types and brands. Although some masks are relatively better than the others, this review will serve as a guide when picking the right Airsoft mask for you.

The Six (6) Best Airsoft Masks of 2020

1. Outdoor Master Airsoft Mask

#1 Best airsoft masks

The Outdoor Master Airsoft mask is a full face mask. As the name implies, offering protection to the face during outdoor airsoft games is the primary objective of this Airsoft Mask. It comes with a metal mesh cover for the eyes that aids in clearer sight and offers a hundred percent cover for the eye.

Ordinarily, you’d assume that this feature would make the mask uncomfortable and challenging to breathe in. The opposite is the case with this mask because not only is it adequately ventilated, it is a very comfy mask. The Outdoor Master has soft rubber embedded around it that offers facial comfort when wearing. Although it can’t be worn over a prescription lens or protect the ears, it has many other qualities than surpass these downsides.

Because it is an outdoor mask, it has to be utterly secure. No one wants an airsoft mask that can easily slip off and become a distraction. It is why it comes with six straps positioned in different places for all-round protection. Rubber and plastic are the critical materials used in the production of the outer elements of the mask, which makes it quite resistant to shots. Wearing it with a helmet is another bonus point of these airsoft masks.

Advantages of the Outdoor Master Airsoft Mask

  • The manufacturers create these masks with high-quality, durable material.
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Has a full metal mesh feature along with a great ventilated system
  • The six straps offer a very secure fit
  • The mask provides comfort and clear sight.
  • Wearing them under a helmet is an option

Disadvantages of the Outdoor Master Airsoft Mask

  • It is impossible to wear this mask with a prescription lens
  • The straps might be uncomfortable or tedious to wear.

2. OUTGEEK Airsoft Mask

#2 Best airsoft masks

The OUTGEEK Airsoft is a half-faced mask. So unlike the Outdoor Master that offers full coverage, this mask focuses on protecting the vital parts of the face. It comes with an ABC goggle for eye protection, which can be inconvenient because of the rubber in it. It is also very ventilated and adjustable so it can fit any face. It comes with only one set. This mask is anti-fog, so it makes it perfect to wear in humid weather conditions. Perhaps the advantage it has over the outdoor mask is that you can wear your prescription glasses with it.

The OUTGEEK Airsoft is very light in weight, and it is perfect for various outdoor activities like paintball. It is also very budget-friendly

Advantages of the OUTGEEK Airsoft Mask

  • Offers a very ventilated system
  • Doesn’t have a bulky feel
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses
  • They are budget-friendly
  • Can be used for various outdoor sports

Disadvantages of the OUTGEEK Airsoft Mask

  • Comes with a plastic lens goggle that has a slightly uncomfortable rubber

3. Coxeer M01

#3 Best airsoft masks

During family games, you worry about how safe your young members are while playing. It makes it an excellent fit for non-violent outdoor gaming.  It is a full facemask that protects all parts of the face. The Coxeer M01 has an adjustable feature that makes it the right fit for everyone, both young and old. Now the exterior and interior material used in production is eco-friendly. It has no smell and an excellent ventilation system.

Although the Coxeer M01 looks a little creepy in real life, wearing it as a Halloween costume turns this to an advantage. Another plus side to this is that wearing them over prescription glasses is possible. The mask is very light in weight and has an anti-fog feature.

Advantages of the Coxeer M01

  • It is an anti-fog full cover mask
  • It is light in weight
  • Production materials are eco-friendly, durable and non-poisonous
  • Wearing over prescription glasses is possible
  • It has an excellent ventilation system
  • it is very comfortable and has an adjustable feature

Disadvantages of the Coxeer M01

  • It has a very creepy look
  • They don’t make great masks for outdoor airsoft especially paintball

4. The Coxeer Tactical

#4 Best airsoft masks

The Coxeer Tactical is the upgrade of the Coxeer M01. It has all of the advantages, like being anti-fog, comfortable, and made of eco-friendly high durable materials. The tactical has these tiny holes that improve breathing and ventilation. It is also a full mask that has an adjustable strap feature making an excellent fit for both adults and kids. The inner comprises of several padding that makes it very comfortable for the face. Unlike the M01, the eye area of the Tactical is made with metal to serve as perfect eye protection. This means the mask can withstand harsh sporting activities. The mesh can also be replaced.

Another plus side to the Tactical is that wearing them over glasses is possible, and they make an excellent costume choice for parties.

Advantages of the Coxeer Tactical

  • It has an adjustable feature
  • It is very comfortable for the face
  • The eye area is made with metal, and its mesh is replaceable
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Wearing them over glasses is possible

Disadvantages of the Coxeer Tactical

  • The package it comes in isn’t great

5. The FMA Wire Mesh

#5 Best airsoft masks

Also known as the New Black Wire Mask, the FMA Wire Mesh is a full cover mask that stands out because of its famous brand. It maintains a stylish feature while offering complete facial protection. It has a very secure adjustable strap that allows it to withstand any hits. Unlike the other masks we’ve seen, the FMA is built for professional use. So it’s not just for outdoor games but also protects the face from airsoft rifles and guns.

The eye area of this mask is made of wire mesh material, while other inner parts are made up of soft padding to create comfort for the face. The manufacturers also created a gap around the mouth area for proper ventilation. Although this mask isn’t the one for durability, the mesh is removable. It can also be worn over recommended glasses. And if you like to design your items, this mask can be painted and repainted.

Advantages of the FMA Wire Mesh

  • It is a solid and secure mask
  • The inner area provides a comfortable rest because of its padding
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Can be worn over recommended glasses
  • It can take strong hits during airsoft games or paintball.

Disadvantages of the FMA Wire Mesh

  • It isn’t durable
  • Poor wire mesh quality

6. CCTRO Airsoft

#6 Best airsoft masks

The CCTRO Airsoft is a full skull airsoft mask. It means that it offers its user all-face protection. Made with quality fiber material, taking hits during airsoft games is a superpower of this mask. Like the Coxeer, it is made with non-poisonous eco-friendly materials making it odorless. The inner parts of the mask are padded to provide full facial comfort.

Asides from being stylish face wear, the CCTRO is also very light. It equally comes in adjustable straps. Due to feedback on it being a little loose, you might need to double-check after fixing it. Finally, the eye area consists of metal mesh, which helps the sight.

Advantages of the CCTRO Airsoft

  • The foam in the inner parts makes it very comfortable to wear
  • It’s a very sturdy type of mask which makes it very durable
  • It has a badass look
  • The manufacturers created this mask with eco-friendly, high-quality materials
  • It has metal mesh around the eye
  • It serves well during airsoft hits

Disadvantages of the CCTRO Airsoft

  • Sometimes, the straps don’t hold well.

What to Consider Before Getting an Airsoft Mask

In the market, there are two broad categories of Airsoft face masks. You either choose to buy a full cover or half mask. Although, this is relying on preference as there are no considerable downsides to purchasing the complete over the half cover mask. The only difficulty that might ensue is getting the mask to align with your face and weapon properly.

In this review, we went through the best masks available this year. We looked at quality, safety, and how easy they are to use. Before placing that order, there are some things you should take into consideration.

The Right Straps

The first will be the straps. Straps are essential in masks because they give a secure hold to your face. You need to find a belt that is easy to adjust and has so many options. If it is in any way, loose or too tight, it can end up being discomforting. Excellent Airsoft masks come with at least six straps. A lot of buyers look out for many straps because it means many available sizes. Manufacturers have taken this cue, and they now make as many straps as possible. Ensure you look out for how many straps there is and how secure it is.

How safe is it?

How safe is your mask going to be? From the list above, you’d see that not all masks are suitable for massive airsoft games or even paintball. It means having a clear picture of why you need the mask. Your budget will influence your choice. It should not, however, push you to get a substandard mask because you feel “This should work.” Eyewear isn’t comparable to the regular pistol or guns. Investing in high-quality masks will go a long way because they’ll save you the money you’d end up spending in the emergency room.


Ventilation is everything. It is why you should ask yourself if you can breathe in the mask you’re choosing. You don’t want a mask that’ll suffocate you. The feeling of being suffocated will compromise whatever position you take. Apart from feeling suffocated, other setbacks can happen as a result of a weak ventilation system. Notice how the bestselling feature of most eyewear is it being anti-fog? Having a great ventilation system in your mask helps reduce fog from building up. Without ventilation, the tendency to overheat is high. Your face will end up being hot and sweaty in just a couple of seconds.

One of the best ways to check if your mask is properly ventilated is by scouting for holes on it. You should, however, make sure to ask about the size of the holes. Ensure the vents are tiny so that missiles and bullets won’t penetrate them. The ideal size of the holes should be smaller than 6mm.


Aesthetics isn’t the primary concern so far because safety comes first. After security, the way your mask looks tells a lot about your personality. It is why we recommended the FMA Wire Mesh because it can be customized to any design of your choice. So while picking out the safest mask for you, consider picking a color or design that appeals to you too. Think about how you’d look and how it will make you feel.


Think about being hit on the legs or arms. It can be quite painful, but not as when a hit makes an impact on your face. The face has many sensitive organs like the eye, and if it’s hit, the recovery process, if not impossible, will be very hard. It is why safety face wear like the mask, which offers all face protection, have flooded the market.  We hope the list above helps make you see both sides of the coin. Once you have a clearer picture of what you need, making the decision would be one step away.