Best Airsoft Pistols Review 2020 (Best Buying Guide)

Using a rifle can be quite exhausting because it requires a certain level of distance between you and your target. Most times, you have to expose so much of yourself while firing, and in cases of close-range shots, using a rifle can be quite disadvantageous. It is why everyone is ditching their airsoft rifle for a pistol. They are also doing it because it’s cheaper. Having a quality airsoft pistol is tremendous, but it isn’t all that high-quality when compared to an airsoft rifle. So if you are looking for cheap quality airsoft, an airsoft pistol is your best bet.

Things to know before getting an Airsoft Pistol

Before running into the store and picking out what looks badass, there are a few downsides to getting an airsoft pistol. First off, you do not compare its functions to a rifle. An airsoft rifle will shoot farther than an airsoft pistol. These are two different guns built for various purposes. So you might consider holding to that rifle while picking out a pistol. Then secondly, the magazine capacity isn’t as much as you’d think it’ll be. A typical airsoft magazine has twelve to fifteen rounds. Great airsoft pistols might have up to 30, but they are rare. So, using this means you’d have to be extra calculative.

Finally, owning an airsoft pistol means you’d have to know that getting parts or maintaining it will be quite tricky. Spare parts for pistols are quite scarce and, when available, can be quite expensive. It is why you should take essential maintenance seriously. Oil your magazines and other parts regularly. It will help a long way.  

There are three main categories of airsoft pistols which include the spring airsoft pistol, CO2 airsoft pistol, and the electric airsoft pistol. Each has its perks and downsides. So before buying a pistol, you already know what type of range and specifications you seek. It will serve as a guide in knowing what kind of airsoft pistol to purchase. However, If what you desire is a gun that will shoot from a wide range, we advise you to check our article on the best airsoft rifles.

Using a Spring Airsoft Pistol

Looking for an excellent gun to help cover a partner or serve as a distraction? The spring Airsoft pistol is your best choice. It is an excellent gun for backup because you can use it in a corner or a passage. They are also the best when you want to launch a surprise attack on a person. They are also the cheapest forms of airsoft pistols, primarily because they are made with inexpensive materials. So a heavy fall can break your pistol. It doesn’t mean they won’t be able to function. Internally, it will still be working fine because not a lot can break internally. Also, you can always replace them with another one without breaking the bank. That aside, they will work in some crazy situations, including a flood or after immersion in water. This is because they do not use batteries or cartridges. They are straightforward guns to use. All it requires is pulling the slide after loading your magazine before pulling the trigger.

Using spring airsoft can be quite strenuous when trying to shoot a moving target.  The FPS is a significant downside of the Spring Airsoft Pistol and may have to shoot multiple times, especially when there’s a low FPS. The BB will also be quite off due to the lack of hop-up units the spring Airsoft pistol possesses.

So if this looks like the best fit for you, check out the exterior and the magazine size before purchasing. Some are spring airsoft exterior are stronger than others. You do not want to buy a gun that breaks if you sit too hard. Then since getting spare parts are difficult, you want a deep magazine size. Anything from 15 BBs is a perfect size. So let’s see some of the best Spring Airsoft Pistols

The Best Spring Airsoft Pistols

In as much as the Spring Airsoft Pistols aren’t the best or most reliable pistols you can own, there are some stronger and better than others. It is why this list will constitute the best in a metallic body, compact size, strength, budget-friendly, and overall best.

UK Arms Colt 1911

This is the best spring airsoft pistol when it comes to body build. The body is made with a strong metal frame, which is quite extraordinary when compared to other spring airsoft pistols. The grip and the magazine are the only plastic parts of this pistol. Although the plastic grip might eventually break, it won’t affect the functionality of the gun.

best airsoft pistols

Pros of the UK Arms Colt 1911

  •  Strong metallic body structure
  • It has an in-depth magazine that can accommodate 18 rounds
  • Has a badass second world war look
  • It has a 240-275 FPS

Cons of the UK Arms Colt 1911

  • The grip and magazine is made of cheap quality plastic
  • The iron sights are difficult to use.


This is the smallest and compact type of spring airsoft pistol there is. Although most of its composition is plastic, it has a metallic trigger that makes it dependable. The plastic it’s made up of isn’t regular plastic but durable polymer. While doing safety checks, there’s a click sound it makes to let you know that the safety is on, and there’s this small feel it has on the hands that you just have to experience.  The magazine rounds are only 13, but it makes loading quite fast. Finally, its FPS is only 210, but it won’t be a source of concern once your target is in close range.

best airsoft pistols

Pros of the ASG CZ 75D

  • Its internal and vital parts are made of a metallic frame
  • The grips are made of rubber
  • It lets you know when the safety is on
  • It has a distinguishable look

Cons of the ASG CZ 75D

  • Low magazine round
  • Made of plastic
  • Low FPS

The Firepower .45

The biggest problem of a Spring Airsoft Pistol is low FPS. It is why this is one of the best because it has a high FPS of 328. Now, although it doesn’t mean you’d be able to shoot a moving target easily if the target gets hit, they will feel the impact greatly. It has a low magazine capacity of just 12 rounds, and the slide is made with sturdy metal.

Pros of the Firepower .45

  • It has a high FPS of 328
  • The slide is metal
  • The grip has small dots that give it a different look

Cons of the Firepower .45

  • It has a low magazine of 12 rounds
  • It doesn’t have an exceptional trademark

BT M-22

This is the best spring Airsoft Pistol when you are on a budget. It can be an excellent gift for friends and family. It’s compact so it can fit in your back pockets. Its FPS is also really high, so it can cause damage if it hits your target. The body is made of mostly plastic, but if properly maintained, it will serve you for a long while. It has a mock suppressor, and the magazine has only 15 rounds.

Pros of the BT M-22

  • Cheap to purchase
  • It has a high FPS of 300
  • It has a mock suppressor
  • The barrel is made of metal

Cons of the BT M-22

  • The magazine can only contain 12 rounds
  • It is made of mostly plastic

Most Recommended Best Spring Airsoft Pistol: The UTG Sport M1911 Pistol

I recommend it because it is the most durable and the two magazines it possesses. Although the magazines can only contain 13 rounds each, no other spring airsoft has two magazines. There is also a private space for 90 BBs in the magazine. It also has two safeties; one on the grip and the other on the slide. It is also effortless to maintain.

best spring airsoft pistols

Pros of the UTG SportM1911 Pistol

  • It constitutes only metal
  • It has two magazines and a compartment for 90 BBs
  • It is easy to maintain

Cons of the UTG Sport M1911 Pistol

  • The magazine can only contain 13 rounds
  • The surface of the pistol scratches fast
  • The iron sights are difficult to use

Using a CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Unlike the spring airsoft pistol, the CO2 Airsoft pistol uses cartridges that contain carbon dioxide gas. These cartridges can be found either in the magazine or on the grip. These pistols work fine in any form of temperature, no matter how harsh it may be. Something you should be wary of is out-using a magazine. The worst thing to happen to you is shooting an unloaded gun. So, keep track of how many rounds you’ve exhausted and immediately change the cartridge. The cartridges will also come in two different forms. When using, it will either be a blowback or a non-blowback. So when buying, you have to decide what action you want. The blowback action is more expensive than the non-blowback because the latter often has this plastic feel that makes it seem unoriginal.

A CO2 airsoft pistol will also fire at a high velocity. Some of these pistols fire up to 600 feet per second. While this may seem intense, not all jobs or fields will accept an FPS that’s as high as 400. It means you may have to check out what your industry or field finds acceptable before going out to buy one. Also, the high FPS can cause severe wear on the internal parts of your airsoft pistol. Maintenance is highly necessary when using a CO2 Airsoft pistol. Oil the moving parts and the cartridges when you change them. You do not want your rounds pouring out when you need it. Clean the pistol before and after you use it also.

Finally, your CO2 pistol can be configured to whichever way you’d prefer. It also has a rifle feature that helps you pick what type of safety you want from the three options. So you can choose to keep the safety on, semi-safe or entirely off depending on which you’d prefer.

The Best CO2 Airsoft Pistols

There are several types of CO2 Airsoft pistols out there, but I’d be recommending three of them as the best there is. These three were selected based on the cost of purchase, selective firing capacity, and as a revolver.

Valken Tactical 1911 (VT1911):

Everyone loves the M1911, but the VT1911 is a perfect fit if you cannot afford it. Its non-blowback action feature makes it an inexpensive pistol. It has a high FPS of 400, which might seem like a disadvantage. However, when merged with a heavy BBs, it reduces the velocity fired. It doesn’t have a hop-up, but the cartridge is located in the grip of the pistol, which makes it easy to change.

best Cos airsoft pistols

Pros of the VT1911

  • It is an inexpensive pistol
  • It is created of polymer which gives it a nice feel
  • Each magazine can hold 20 rounds
  • Some of its parts are made of metal.

Cons of the VT1911

  • High feet per speed which could range from 360- 400
  • It doesn’t have a hop-up unit
  • It isn’t a blowback action CO2 Airsoft.

The Taurus PT99

When it comes to firing capacity, the Taurus PT99 takes the lead for me. Produced by SoftAir, it makes an excellent backup gun. It is a compact gun made of complete metal that has a low fps of 290-330. It has a full-auto feature that causes it to be a little locked and inefficient when firing. However, routine check before use will help you know its condition and how to strategize around it.

best airsoft pistols

Pros of the Taurus PT99

  • It is composed of metal, which gives it a badass feel.
  • It has a magazine round of 27.
  • It has a low FPS which makes it great for indoor use

Cons of the Taurus PT99

  • The full-auto feature can jam when in use.

The Crossman GF600

Revolvers are for outdoor use because they have a high FPS, and the Crossman GF600 is not an exception. If you want an outdoor airsoft revolver, this is the best there is because it is a double revolver. This is a top-notch badass pistol that has three-speed loaders.

best airsoft pistols

 Pros of the Crossman GF600

  • It has three-speed loaders
  • It is made of metal while the grip is made of polymer
  • Overall badass look
  • Like the name Crossman, it deals a heavy blow on a target if hit

Cons of the Crossman GF600

  • An exceptionally high Fps which makes it a terrible indoor weapon
  • It has no hop-up units, and the iron sights are difficult to use.

Using an Electric Airsoft Pistol

An Electric Airsoft Pistol, commonly referred to as AEP’s are some of the most magnificent pistols ever. They can work in extreme conditions where other Airsoft Pistols would ordinarily fail. They are like rifles, and they work in both full-action and semi-auto action. They are very compact-sized pistols that use batteries. It is usually advisable to configure the battery from the regular Tamiya battery to a Dean’s battery. This is because a Dean’s battery is larger and more resistant to electricity. It means a more substantial life span for your pistol. The smallness of the pistol makes it unable to fire at a high velocity. The FPS of regular electric airsoft ranges from around 200-300.

The Best Electric Airsoft Pistols

Finding a quality AEP is hard as the market for it is in Asia; it might be quite challenging to get one outside of the Asian continent. It is why I’ll be recommending two of the best and easy to access electric airsoft pistol.

The GameFace GFAP13

A pistol that comes with its charger and manual? Insane! The GFAP13 is a very compact pistol that holds a magazine of 30 rounds. Its battery life is one that will last several hours, so you don’t have to worry about constant charging. It can be a little heavy too.

best airsoft pistols

Pros of the GFAP13

  • It has a durable battery and comes with its charger
  • The magazine can hold 30 rounds of bullets
  • It has a semi-automatic feature for firing too

Cons of the GFAP13

  • Made up of plastic
  • It has a low FPS of just 250
  • No hop-up unit
  • There are no known trademarks on it

CZS Vz.61

Popularly referred to as the Vz. 61, it has an unusual look that makes it a pistol but a rifle too. You can decide to wear it around your shoulders or shoot like a handgun. It has realistic trademarks all over it and a bottomless magazine of 38 rounds. Now that’s a machine! It is unarguably the best electric airsoft pistol. Like the GFAP13, it has a low FPS and a semi-automatic feature for firing too. It is made up of metal except for the grip and frame, which is manufactured with a polymer. The downside to this machine is that it doesn’t have a long battery life like the GFAP13.

Pros of the CZS Vz.16

  • An in-depth magazine that can accommodate 38 rounds
  • Authentic trademarks all over
  • Inexpensive
  • It comes with its charger too
  • It has both full and semi-automatic firing options

Cons of the CZS Vz.16

  • It has a low FPS of less than 260
  • Battery life is weak and lasts for less than two hours.

The All-round Best Airsoft Pistol

Choosing an all-round best airsoft pistol can be quite tricky because what you term best might be utterly different from what the next person perceives as qualities for the best. This is why a Desert Eagle .50 will seem like the best option for a person because of its high FPS of 340, an in-depth magazine of 20 rounds, and its full metal bodywork. I mean, it’s a desert eagle. Everyone wants to own one, but nobody tells you how expensive they cost. Left-handed shooters would want to go for something that helps their aim. This is why a left-handed person would want to opt for the KWA HK45. This pistol provides a suppressor, high FPS, in-depth magazine but is arguably the most expensive pistol on the market. A Glock-like pistol is also an interesting piece, but in the end, it’s costly and not even an actual Glock. The list can go on and on.

We all want a pistol that is affordable and has all the Pros that other airsoft pistols have. This is why an all-round best pistol is needed. After intensive research, I’ve decided to recommend the KJW1911 high capacity.

KJW 1911 High Capacity

This is a gun that is so good that finding a downside is hard. It is a high capacity gun that was created to replicate a Tokyo Marui high capacity pistol. So far, it is the closest clone that the line of Hi-CAPS has gotten. It is cheap, and every single part of it can be configured. The gun is made of utter metal, and it got incredible backing after it was launched into the market. It has a high FPS of up to 370 and a magazine that can accommodate 32 rounds.

Pros of the KJW 1911 High Capacity Pistol

  • A magazine of 32 rounds
  • An FPS as high as 370
  • Complete metal parts
  • Affordable and cheap to buy
  • Stellar backing  after it was launched


  • The metal bodywork of the gun makes it heavy to hold.


Finding the right pistol might seem quite tricky, and I hope this article has been of great assistance in helping you pick out the best for you. From the spring airsoft, CO2 to the electric airsoft pistols, a variety of options has been given. If you click on any of the links on the pistol descriptions, lead you directly to the Amazon store where you can compare prices and make your purchase. Remember that maintenance is the key to a lasting pistol.