Best Airsoft Rifles of 2020 – Most Definite Review & Buyers Guide

Airsoft rifles aren’t just weapons during an airsoft game. They act as an extension of the body and help to play whatever role you’re assigned to well. In this review, we will be looking into the best airsoft rifles from a selection of vast options in the market. These best rifles will consist of both the best for beginners and advanced players alike. They will include budget and highly durable rifles. Worrying about your weapon falling apart in the middle of the game won’t be an issue. In the later part of this article, there’ll be a sort of buyer’s guide when shopping for airsoft rifles, where we will be discussing the different types of rifles, and the difference between each of these kinds of rifles.

The 9 Best Airsoft Rifles of 2020

1. Colt M4 A1 Cqbr AEG

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The M4 CQB-R is a colt licensed Airsoft AEG rifle. Due to this license, it has COLT trademarks on it, which gives it a very authentic and realistic design. As an M4, it has a completely automatic mode that makes it feel like a real weapon. Talking about realism, this CQB-R consists of utter metal parts, both external and internal. Although the entire metal parts can make this airsoft rifle feel a little heavy for beginners, a professional or advanced player will love it because it feels like its original counterpart.

Onto its specifications, this rifle comes with a high capacity magazine of 300 rounds, which is replaceable with any other magazine type of your choice. Another replaceable feature of this airsoft is that its batteries are also interchangeable. Since it’s an AEG, it will give you an upper hand on the battlefield because you don’t have to worry about recharging when you have a backup battery during a fire. Also, the CQB-R has adjustable sights and a RIS system if you are into accessories. Some other elements of this rifle are that it has a sling attachment and a foldable sort of telescopic crane. Overall, the M4 CQB-R is a very durable airsoft rifle.

Pros of the M4 CQB-R

  • It has a trademark from a known manufacturer that gives it a touch of realism
  • It consists of both internal and external metal parts
  • Replaceable high capacity magazine of 300 rounds
  • Interchangeable battery
  • It has adjustable sights
  • It has a RIS system for accessories
  • Comes with a sling attachment

Cons of the M4 CQB-R

  • It can be a heavy airsoft rifle for beginners

2. BBTac JG M4 S-System JGF6613 

Unlike the CQB-R that comes with fixed parts and trademarks of its own, the JG M4 is an excellent choice if you love to customize your rifle. It has a lot of spare parts in the market, which makes its parts replaceable if they start to get old. It is also very compatible with accessories currently in the market. Most of its components are metallic except for the receivers, which are of durable ABS polymer. The downside to this is that the weight is not proportional. The front of the rifle might feel heavier than the rest of the other parts. However, it has an S-system handguard that provides a balance, so this compensates for the uneven distribution of weight.

Moving on to other favorable features, the JG M4 has a retractable stock and excellent accuracy. It is not unrelated to the adjustable hop-up it comes with, which pushes environmental influence like the wind aside. Perhaps it is why man professionals love to use it to train and practice. It is also a powerful weapon that shoots at an FPS of 420 along with a quality torque motor. Other notable features include the dual firing mode, which comes in both semi-automatic and fully automatic. Finally, it has an M120 grade spring.

Pros of the JG M4 S-system

  • It has a lot of spare parts and compatible accessories in the market
  • High muzzle velocity of 420
  • It has an adjustable hop-up that improves its accuracy
  • A quality torque motor
  • It  has a retractable stock
  • Dual firing mode options in semi-automatic and fully automatic
  • S-system handguard that helps even out the balance

Cons of the JG M4 S-system

  • Uneven weight distribution when holding the gun
  • Too strong to be used in all playing fields

3. KRYTAC Trident MK2 CRB

If you are familiar with the airsoft market, you’d be familiar with the KRYTAC brand by now. It is why the Trident MK2 CRB makes it to our list. As a newly updated kind of KRYTAC, this airsoft rifle comes in a fantastic package, durability, customizable features, and at a very fair price too. It’s the kind of rifle that’ll give you value for your money’s worth. It comes as a lightweight so that it doesn’t feel heavy for beginners. The lightweight feature surprisingly isn’t so light that it makes the MK2 feel like a toy. The parts are also in sync with each other and made with durable material composition. It makes it a rifle you will use over the years without wearing it out.

It is a perfect gun for indoor airsoft because its muzzle velocity of 380-400 FPS matches the indoor requirements for airsoft. It comes with a high-caps magazine of 350 rounds. The Trident MK2 comes with a very favorable spring system that can be quickly changed along with aluminum receivers. Finally, it has an integrated MOFSET and a ten-inch handguard that happens on a KEYMOD layout.

Pros of the KRYTAC Trident MK2 CRB

  • It is a famous brand
  • It comes in a very durable material that will last over time.
  • It can be customized to your preference
  • It has a perfect lightweight feature
  • High FPS of 380-400
  • It comes with a high capacity magazine that holds 350
  • A quick change spring system
  • Handguard that happens on a KEYMOD layout that can accept important rail parts
  • Great value for money

Cons of the KRYTAC Trident MK2 CRB

  • It is an expensive airsoft rifle for beginners.

4. Lancer Tactical AEG Airsoft Electric MK18

It is an upgrade to the Lancer Tactical MK18. One of the most significant updates to this rifle is the adjustable hop-up it comes along with now. This adjustable hop-up isn’t the conventional type. It comes with a different kind that rotates, thereby making it easy to change the backspin of your rifle. Another exciting feature here is that it has a quick change spring system. And not just the regular kind, but the type that allows you to configure the muzzle velocity without even touching the gearbox. It also has high accuracy tendencies because of the precision bore barrel. Another exciting upgrade to this LANCER is introducing nylon polymer parts to the former plastic parts. It translates to creating a more durable airsoft rifle both internally and externally. The battery comes along with a charger in its kit.

Although the muzzle velocity isn’t exactly high because it was created for indoor airsoft sports, this loosely translates to an FPS of 370- 390 when using BBs of 0.20.  The Lancer also improved on its battery life. The brand increased from its regular 8.4 voltage to a 9.6-volt battery. So if you love a LANCER Tactical, you are going to love the MK18 because it offers added advantage to the previous model.

Pros of the LANCER MK18 Mod CQB

  • Adjustable hop-up that enhances easy backspin change
  • A quick change spring system
  • Precision bore barrel that improves accuracy tendencies
  • Nylon Polymer for the external parts
  • The improved battery life of 9.6 Volts
  • Its internal components are made with metal
  • It makes a very durable rifle
  • Offers value for money

Cons disadvantage of the LANCER MK18 Mod CQB

  • Low FPS of 370- 390 which makes it an indoor airsoft rifle

5. Black OPS Viper M4

With an FPS of 420, fiber optics, and long-range power, the fifth generation Black Ops Viper M4 offers an accuracy uncommon to other airsoft rifles. The plus side of this airsoft is that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor airsoft games. It comes with a very lightweight feature that makes it a perfect fit for beginners. Why it will appeal to advanced players is that the Viper M4 comes with room for customization. It is easy to customize because of its available parts in the airsoft market, and it is very compatible with other M4 rifle parts. It also comes with an ergonomic handgrip that has been a tremendous help in improving grip

An interesting feature of the Viper M4 is that although it has metal parts, most of its parts consist of highly durable polymer. The thing about this polymer used is that it is more durable than regular ABS plastic and so this rifle is resistant to not only scratches but cracks as well. It has an ambidextrous sling point. Other features are that they come with an adjustable stock and steel gears. It also has an excellent rail system which is suitable for accessories.

Pros of the Black Ops Viper M4

  • It has a muzzle velocity of 420
  • Has long-range power and fiber optics which makes it an accurate rifle
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor airsoft games
  • has many compatible parts which make it easy to customize
  • It comes with an ergonomic handgrip.
  • An ambidextrous sling pint
  • An adjustable stock and steel gears
  • It has an excellent rail system.

Cons of the Black Ops Viper M4

  • The only metal parts are internal
  • When compared to other airsoft rifles, it doesn’t make a very durable piece

6. G&G CM16 Raider

It makes one of our top airsoft rifles for beginners. From the unboxing stage, it already shows a basic and easy to use features. It has a straightforward design that gives it a classic compact look. Although it doesn’t come with a rail system for accessories or customization, there are other ways you can rebrand this airsoft rifle to becoming your preference. For instance, a variable optic can still fit on it to give you that perfect aim. Talking about the target, it has an adjustable hop-up that helps improve the accuracy of the rifle. Asides from this, the CM16 comes with built-in iron sights.

The specifications of this airsoft rifle are also quite durable. It has a high capacity magazine that can hold 450 rounds. It has a fair FPS of 380-440 depending on what the weight of the BBs is. It makes it an excellent rifle for indoor and outdoor airsoft games. Finally, the CM16 raider is very budget-friendly, which means it’s inexpensive. Although this airsoft rifle might not make an impression on an advanced airsoft player, it is a rifle you should get if you have friends or family who are new to airsoft.

Pros of the G&G CM16 Raider

  • It comes in a simple design
  • It is easy to use for beginners
  • It has an adjustable hop-up to improve accuracy
  • High capacity magazine that can house 450 BBs
  • It is inexpensive

Cons of the G&G CM16 Raider

  • Doesn’t come with a rail system

7. Soft Air Firepower F4D Electric Powered

The Firepower F4-D is another simple design airsoft rifle excellent for beginners. However, unlike the CM16 raider, it comes with a RIS rail system that can accommodate as many accessories as you’d like. Advanced players will love this feature, and perhaps the biggest bonus of it all is that this airsoft comes with these accessories. Some of its content includes a flashlight, a laser, and a foregrip. Finding compatible accessories in the market is quite easy with this rifle. The airsoft rifle also comes in a lightweight feature, which makes it easy to carry around as a beginner. The foregrip also comes in handy here as a way to maintain balance when firing.

Another exciting feature of this airsoft rifle is that it has a high capacity magazine that can house 500 rounds. The downside, however, is that these BBs have to be 0.12, and the FPS with this will amount to 200, which is quite low. There are two firing modes you can select from, which are either semi-automatic or full-automatic. Finally, this airsoft rifle comes with its charger and battery.

Pros of the FIREPOWER F4-D

  • It has a simple design
  • It is lightweight
  • Comes with a RIS rail system that allows for accessories
  • The rifle comes with several accessories
  • High capacity magazine of 500 rounds
  • Has an adjustable stock
  • Comes in two firing modes (semi-auto and full-auto)
  • It is inexpensive

Cons of the FIREPOWER F4-D

  • Can accommodate only small BBs of 0.12
  • The battery is not interchangeable
  • It is not a durable airsoft rifle

9. CYMA AK-47 CMO40C

Moving on to rifles that are durable and inexpensive for beginners, this takes the lead. And it isn’t even an M4. This rifle has been said to last for years without serious maintenance, which is rare for an airsoft rifle that is less than 300 dollars. It can take shots, scratches, and every bad condition you can imagine. Its body design is just like a regular AK-47. It has a full metal receiver, a rail system for accessories, and wood. It also has a high capacity magazine that can hold up to 400-600 rounds. It is the kind of rifle you’d need to cover you or when you want to spray your enemies.

Another plus side to this rifle is that it can be customized. Its internal parts are compatible with a lot of spare parts sold in the market. So upgrading it to whatever specifications you’d want is possible. The only downside to this airsoft rifle is that it will need a little lubrication after unboxing. Other than that, the CYMA AK-47 is the right fit for you as a beginner.

Pros of the CYMA AK-47 CMO40C

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is a powerful gun that can take so many hits
  • It is highly durable
  • Full metal receiver
  • Has a rail system for accessories
  • Comes with a high capacity magazine with up to 600 rounds
  • Compatible parts so easy to customize

Cons of the CYMA AK-47 CMO40C

  • It will need lubrication after unboxing

9. ICS M4 Sport line AEG

Like other airsoft rifles for beginners, the ICS M4 came in mass production and polymer-made. This rifle offers some advantages its counterparts do not possess. For instance, it has a split gearbox, which is a great feature for beginners in airsoft. It can be upgraded, fixed, and it has a quick spring change system that allows for easy use. Using a gun without a split gearbox means that you have to be very adaptable and be able to think on the spot. As a beginner who hasn’t had much experience, this might be difficult. It is why this feature is one of the importance of this AEG.

The ICS M4 is also very compatible with other M4 parts in the market. It has two firing modes that come in semi-automatic and full-automatic. With an FPS of 350-370 on a BBs of 0.20g, its muzzle velocity can be used to play outdoor airsoft. The disadvantage of this airsoft is that it can be quite expensive. The key here is to watch out for sales, and the ICS M4 happens to be on most of the time.

Pros of the ICS M4 Sport Line AEG

  • It is an entry-level ICS M4
  • It comes in a split gearbox
  • Can be upgraded because of its compatible parts in the market
  • It comes in two firing modes
  • Relatively high FPS that is possible for outdoor airsoft

Cons of the ICS M4 Sport Line AEG

  • It is quite pricey for a beginner.

Classification of Airsoft Rifles and their Differences

When talking about airsoft rifles, you may hear M4, Ar-15, and M16 a lot. These are the classifications of airsoft rifles. Which means as an airsoft rifle, it has to be one or the other.

An AR-15 is a broad classification because the guns under this category do not have to adhere to precise specifications. All a gun has to do to fall under this category is just to have a badass design. The M4 and M16, on the other hand, have specifications they have to tick off the list before they can be classified as such.

As an M4, the airsoft rifle has to be shorter and lightweight. Most times, it comes with a rail system for customization and fixed sights. Another feature of an M4 is that it has to have a collapsible stock as well as the 14.5-inch barrel. The carbine, as it is also known as, is the only category that comes with a full-automatic firing mode. It is why advanced players opt for this type.

The M16, on the other hand, is a heavier version of the M4. It is a bulkier category that comes with iron sights and a 20-inch barrel. Unlike the M4, this comes with a fixed stock. But it also comes with a rail system for accessories.


Deciding to pick the right airsoft rifle might seem like a struggle, so knowing your role and purpose in the game is the only way to help you make that choice. In the review above, we listed the best rifles for advanced players and beginners alike. For those on a budget and those who’d want value for their money. We hope you get the best airsoft rifle suited for you. You can as well check our previous post for the best airsoft sniper rifles.