How to Make Airsoft Grenades

Grenades are valuable in eliminating your opponents when skirmishing in a game of airsoft. The issue with them is their cost, they are high-end products and hence are not generally affordable to just anyone. You will need a lot of money to be able to get some. 

However, if you’re the creative type, there are simple methods you can use to create homemade airsoft grenades with cheap items. If your primary goal is to have a dominating presence during a skirmish, it won’t hurt to have a lot of airsoft grenades in your ammo. They are capable of launching a host of projectiles that can neutralize a good number of opponents at a time. 

Utilizing airsoft grenades is an essential tactic if you intend to beat the opposing side. With some research, you can find several methods on how to produce them creatively and inexpensively.

However, let’s get some things out of the way before we proceed; minors, 17 and below, make sure that if you’re going to attempt the following steps, there should be an adult there to supervise.

Also, please endeavor to observe all requisite safety precautions while working with the items and constructing the grenades. You do not want your face to be in the blast radius if anything goes wrong. And make sure you put on goggles and protective clothing while working on this. 

How to Make Homemade Airsoft Grenades and Types of Airsoft Grenades

1. Firecrackers can be turned into airsoft grenades. 

Firecrackers can be used to make airsoft grenades. Check below to find out how you can make this work. The essential items you’ll need are firecrackers, airsoft pellets, and a glue gun (hot). Exercise caution while you handle the firecrackers, they can be volatile.

The Steps:

  • Put in the glue stick on the glue gun, then heat it up properly 
  • Pour out the pellets on a flat surface or plate so you can access them easily. 
  • Get your firecrackers ready.
  • When the glue is hot and ready for use, stick a line of firecrackers down 
  • Drop a handful of BBs on the firecrackers, covering it up totally.
  • Place the fuse of the firecracker in a position where it’ll be bent halfway. When the fuse is lit, toss the grenade as soon as the light reaches its halfway mark.

Make sure you observe all the required safety measures while constructing this device, as you can see, it is an actual explosive.

Do not let the heat of any amount come in contact with the fuse. This will cause the firecracker to blow up with Airsoft pellets. This will certainly cause injuries to your face and other exposed areas in close proximity. 

2. You Can Fuse Plastic Eggs and Firecrackers 

I did some research and stumbled on some great ideas on ways you can build airsoft grenades at home with these materials at a minimal cost. Here’s how it’s done;

  • Get some Easter eggs. The plastic ones to be precise. 
  • When you get the eggs, there is usually an opening at the bottom of one side. Make these openings wider by drilling them so they could fit a firecracker inside.
  • Once you have inserted the firecrackers (preferably the m90 model) into the wider holes you drilled in the egg, ensure to position the firecracker’s fuse facing outside. 
  • Get some airsoft 6mm pellets and place them in the other part of the egg
  • Shut the egg and encase it in plastic tape, this will keep the egg entirely secure. This gives you the assurance that merely throwing the eggs won’t cause them to separate and nullify the threat they’re supposed to pose.

3. Make Airsoft Grenades out of Water Bottles

This is a great idea I found while looking up how to make airsoft grenades. I found some instructions that lay out ways you can build airsoft grenades from plastic water bottles. This is how they do it ;

  • Gather several 50cl thin and small water bottles made of plastic. 
  • Pour some vinegar into them until it’s just slightly past half-full. 
  • Get some .12g BBs and put them in these bottles. Around 30 pieces each should be fine. 
  • Get some tissue paper and flatten it out on a desk or table 
  • Pour baking soda, around an ounce, on the tissue, and spread it from end to end. 
  • Roll the tissue paper up. Ensure that the rolled-up tissue can fit into the opening of the bottle
  • Both edges of the paper must be folded neatly and carefully to ensure that the contents do not pour out. In the end, the tissue has to resemble straw. 
  • When it’s time to launch your “grenade” across enemy lines, get the bottle open, unwrap one end of your “straw” and empty the baking soda into the plastic bottle.

Close the bottle and thoroughly shake it; this action makes the contents expand. When you feel it’s ready to explode, aim, and chuck it at a solid target closest to your rival team. 


Instead of going out and shelling out vast amounts of cash for airsoft grenades, you can opt for one of these homemade DIY options. You might end up not even buying any of the materials (maybe just the BBs) as they consist of things you can easily spot in most households. This tutorial is not for minors who do not have adult supervision, though. Please, kids and teens, make sure an adult is with you every step of the way if you insist on carrying out these instructions. And parents, don’t leave your kids unsupervised or turn them down if they come to you in need of some help with things such as these. 

I hope all this aids you in preparing better and dominating in the field during battles. Even though you might not come with the high-end stuff that some folks will have, yours will be every bit as effective in taking out opponents and helping you and your team win.