What Is FPS in Airsoft – Most Definite Guide about FPS

Do you have plans to join the world of Airsofting? Whether you’re planning to take part in a game in the field or purchase a personal gun, one critical piece of information you should have is what FPS means. Well, it is an essential part of the game of airsofting. FPS is a terminology that determines how you play the sport.

Airsofting is a combat sport that mimics gun battles between 2 opposing teams. The gun used are replicas of real assault weapons. But these aren’t lethal although they could cause some pain. The games are usually supervised by qualified personnel when it’s played in the field. When it’s an organized event between friends and family, though, the onus of safety falls on the individuals. So please practice safe playing by always putting on protective gear. 

What Does FPS in airsoft mean?

FPS is an abbreviation that means “feet per second” in full. A gun’s FPS rating determines the speed a BB travels at once you pull the trigger. The typical BB in the game of Airsoft is about 6mm in diameter. Hence, FPS is a quintessential term that calculates the ability of your gun to hit a target at a specific speed. It is undoubtedly the most common way of definitively calculating the velocity of an Airsoft Gun. 

airsoft bb - what is fps in airsoft
the airsoft BB

How Does FPS Affect BBs? 

FPS reduces immediately the BBs are fired out of the muzzle of the gun. The higher the FPS rating, the higher the energy the BB conveys. FPS enables it to travel farther and faster across the air. As you can see, there is a clear connection between your gun’s FPS rating and the effectiveness of its BBs.

Most of the cheaper low-tech Airsoft guns shoot at around 200, while some of the fancier options fire at about 400 FPS. Let me give you some clarity; if an airsoft gun is fired and the FPS after leaving the muzzle is 145, the BB will travel as fast as a car going 100mph! Amazing right?

The Relationship between FPS and BB Weight

FPS is dependent on the power of the Airsoft gun as well as the weight of the BBs. The most regular BB weights that you would see a typical player use are 0.25, 0.23, and 0.20 grams. However, 0.20 is the standard weight. Hobbytron makes use of this to measure the FPS of most of the Airsoft guns produced. 

It is important to note that even though 0.12g BBs work well with high-end spring guns, it is not something you would find a professional player utilizing. This is because they’re typically lower in quality. Light BBs tend to break inside a rifle and cause damage internally. This is why it is smart to always go for standard BBs, not just because they’re the legal choice but also because they can guarantee you top performance. 

The heavier the BBs, the lower the FPS. Likewise, lighter ones improve the FPS. The Heavier BBs though are a better choice since they increase range and accuracy and are not easily affected by the wind (which does alter the trajectory sometimes). To achieve remarkable results, increase the weight of your BB in tandem with the increase of the FPS. A BB being weightier does not reduce its energy in any way.

How Do You Measure FPS 

A chronograph is a device used to measure the FPS of any airsoft gun in particular accurately. It kind of looks and works like a radar gun, the device the police use to detect over speeding cars on the highway. It’s not difficult to come by, and you could purchase one online. Airsoft fields and specialty stores tend to have it on hand. This Machine bases its measurement on the amount of time a projectile takes to fly by, the speed is picked up by its internal sensors, just like the police radar gun. The weight and speed of the BB are what it uses to decide the energy and FPS rating.

The Importance of FPS in Airsoft Gun Battles

Before you can take part in a game of Airsoft, the officials will measure the muzzle velocity of your gun with the use of a chronograph. This is done because with different games you have to abide by different rules. Therefore, each game has its requirements for FPS measurement.

Also, FPS requirements are not universally binding; different countries have different rules. All countries normally prohibit Airsoft weapons that fire above the set requirements. Some go as far as confiscating “illegal” weapons. For example, sniper rifles in Airsoft usually have a higher FPS when compared to Airsoft submachine guns. Therefore, they can’t be used during quarter battles.

Most Airsoft fields make it a priority to prevent needless injuries during games, so they place a limit on the FPS of the guns they permit to participate in contests. Here is a trick that might come in  handy; 

If you have a rifle with crazy FPS, using heavier BBs in the field will get you the required measurement. 

I can not stress this point enough; as crucial as FPS is, do not go out there and get yourself an airsoft gun simply because it has a crazy high FPS. Accuracy, quality, and performance should be what you look out for as they are much more crucial factors to your success in a game on the field.


Before you decide to go into the market for your airsoft gun, make sure you carry out some research on FPS. Be sure that the weapon you have your eyes on has the ability to shoot the required BB weight and accurately hit your target. Also, keep into consideration the legal standards in the country you reside in and even in the Airsoft fields around. Your focus shouldn’t just be on the gun with the insane FPS; things like accuracy and performance are paramount to success in this sport. Good luck out there and remember to play safely.